DeJuan Bland – Citizen’s Ship

Apr 06, 2023

Black man, where is home for you
Is it in your women
Your mother or sisters, or lovers
They took them and broke them before you when you got off slave ship to say
You don’t have the power to save them

They’ve told the black man don’t be home
We’ll take food out of the mouths of your children and partners and mothers and sister
And decades later pops still ain’t back from the milk run at the store

Black man, where is home for you
Is it in your brother
Are you his keeper
Are you Nino atop the Carter
Do you see your brother as someone to love or slaughter

They taught the world we can’t trust black men and we were all in the classroom

Black man don’t leave your home
You can’t jog to train or hop on a train
Can’t ride with your wife or your daughter
Can’t be a boy, whose no man at all,

Black man, where do you find home
Is it your work
You dream of hardwood courts and grass field
Those dreams get taken away if you kneel
Are you politician, then you dirty
Cops dirty, they target the corner boys
Corner boys just teenagers with a street sign for father
Stick up kid or cubicle the black man just wants to feel loved

To feel home, and whole, and healthy
Is that what it means to be citizen
Is that what it is

Is that real, is that something the black man can really have
Don’t want to sell my people this dream, this lie
Won’t be any better than the corner boy with his crack
Won’t be less harmful than the crack of master’s whip
Can’t say be citizen, be protest
Just kneel, we seen them snatch Colin’s dream

Don’t want the black man to hurt more than he already is
Do you feel that?

Can we really sail away on the citizen’s ship

Black people
Still be people
Still chase the dream that is home
Or citizen
Without the chase we have nothing
Without the gospel, though the road be narrow, we’d all be sinners
Without the pursuit of healing we’d all just be broken
We can’t just be broken
Or broke, or homeless
Though it may never be mansion
May never be palace lets still seek kingdom
Not just refuge but being full in our bodies
On this current, this wave, there’s roam for us on this citizen’s ship