Unfortunately we don’t have too much information about the two Brave New Voices poets seen in the video above, but if you’ve got any details on them please comment below and share any links you may have. The video was sent to us by a reader who notes one of the poets is Kai Davis, you can find her on [Tumblr](http://locksandglasses.tumblr.com/#). [Brave New Voices](http://youthspeaks.org/bravenewvoices/) is best known as the annual gathering of young poets from across the globe who take part in the International Youth Poetry Slam. Brave New Voices is also a network of over 70 organizations working with young people through the literary and performing arts, a television show that aired 2 seasons on HBO, and a growing social and cultural movement featuring the voices of 21st Century America. Hipster racism is nothing new. Check out Channing Kennedy’s re-reading of "[Lester Bangs’ 1979 ‘White Noise Supremacists’"](http://colorlines.com/archives/2012/04/hipster_racism_isnt_new_read_1979s_white_noise_supremacists.html)