Two University of Oklahoma Students Expelled for Racist Chant

By Jamilah King Mar 10, 2015

Just days after a video surfaced showing Sigma Alpha Epsillon members at the University of Oklahoma chanting racist slurs, two students in the video have been expelled from the school. 

The students have not yet been identified, but university president David Boren explained his actions in a statement. The students, who were members of the university’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, were dismissed for creating a "hostile learning environment for others," the statement said, according to the Guardian. 

The move came just one day after the national chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon closed the University of Oklahoma’s chapter. 

The school, which boasts one of the most powerful football programs in the country, is also feeling the effect on its campus. The football team refused to practice on Monday, and one well-regarded recruit de-committed from the university after the video went public.