Twitter Reacts to Upcoming George Zimmerman Interview

Upcoming CNN interview raises questions about media's proper role.

By Carla Murphy Feb 14, 2014

The call went out on Twitter early this morning: #CancelTheInterview. Next Tuesday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo will air an interview with George Zimmerman, the man whom a Florida jury last year acquitted of killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. His death and his parents’ grief prompted demonstrations across the country.

A petition with more than 500 signatures so far, has also been posted. Zimmerman resurfaced in the news recently because of an on-again, off-again boxing match, originally with rapper DMX. That fight was called off via Tweet on February 8th. But conflicting reports suggest a fight, opponent and location unknown, may happen after all.

Is it irresponsible for journalists to interview Zimmerman? Or, is the media simply doing its job? Weigh in.