On Twitter, Hunger Games Fans Demand To Know Why Black Characters Are Black

Some 'Hunger Games' fans are taking to Twitter demanding to know why some of the black characters in the novel are black in the film.

By Jorge Rivas Mar 26, 2012

"The Hunger Games" earned over $155 million in North America over the weekend. The sci-fi film based on the novel written by Suzanne Collins broke several box office records this weekend, including the strongest opening weekend ever for a spring release.

Audiences on opening night praised "Hunger Games." Filmgoers under the age 25 gave it a glowing A+ and those over 25 an A-, according to CinemaScore, the market research firm that surveys film audiences. Thirty-nine percent of the audience was younger than 18, according to CinemaScore exit polling.

"What separates "The Hunger Games" from the usual apocalyptic-teen-gladiator fare is its smart take on class and inequality, and its honest depiction of race as an integral party of that story," said Channing Kennedy, Colorlines.com’s Community Manager. "While the movie adaptation isn’t entirely free of ‘racebending,’ it’s definitely worthy of praise."

However there are people who aren’t happy some of the characters in the film are black–even though their characters in the novel were described as having "dark skin."