Turning Back the Clocks on Racial Justice

By Megan Izen Jan 09, 2009

There’s certainly something in the air making crazy things happen. Yesterday, Mukasey stripped immigrants of their right to counsel and due process. Today, the Supreme Court has ruled to reevaluate whether the 1965 Voting Rights Acts is necessary to protect voters of color. Since we elected a Black President, entered our post-racial era, and the work is done, the Supreme Court is ready to set a precedent that will undoubtedly turn back the clocks on our progress toward racial justice. Why have any legislation on the books to protect the rights of communities of color? We have a Black President people. Didn’t you get the memo? The Mukasey decision, while unjust and alarming, wasn’t a surprise coming from the Bush administration. But I find it appalling that the highest court in this country would even consider this blatant affront to civil rights.