Turf Feinz’s Dance for Oakland, Love and Life

The Bay Area dance crew works hard to mold beauty and resilience by their own rhythm.

By Thoai Lu Apr 05, 2011

By now, many people have already heard of Turf Feinz, the Oakland-based dance crew whose moving video tribute went viral late last year. Over at New America Media, multimedia reporter Valerie Klinker caught up with some of the group’s members to help tell the back story.

"Turf dancing, which is a style of dancing that originated in Oakland, is really all about self-expression," explains Kash Gaines. "A lot of people who live in Oakland deal with violence on the regular, so these videos are kinda like them paying homage to people that they know, who were in their community, that they lost."

The dancers explain their moves, and their motivations, which include the Oscar Grant shooting that’s rocked the community over the past two years.

"It is not all about violence or robbing people to survive," Gaines says. "We do have creative expressive talents and…we want to show those and we want to be seen and heard by people in our community."

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