Tumblr User Gets Hate Mail After Being Incorrectly Linked to Frida Kahlo Makeover

The original makeover artist's identity is still unclear.

By Jamilah King Nov 19, 2013

Last week we posted an item from Buzzfeed that captured an artist’s attempt to give Frida Kahlo a cover girl makeover. But it turns out that we, along with several other websites that covered the story, wrongly attributed the piece to Tumblr user alisonofagun, who cleared everything up in a recent post:

 In December 2012, a dude using the name "toonsketchbook" (he either deleted his blog or changed his url) created the Frida "makeover" repaint.

I reblogged the picture and added a comment condemning it.

Buzzfeed picked up the post and quoted my comment and the comments present on my particular reblog. They used my url as the "image source." I began getting hate mail (some of it incredibly nasty). Because I didn’t know why people were coming to my blog, I deleted the post hoping that would stop the hate mail, but it just makes it look even *more* like I’m actually the artist because people can’t see that it was a reblog. (Not that that prevented people from thinking that I was artist in the first place, but it definitely made it worse.)

Since "toonsketchbook" no longer exists on Tumblr, the original makeover artist’s identity is still unclear.