Tulsa Cops Not Ready to Call Shooting Spree Racially Motivated

Investigators work to determine whether the deadly Tulsa attacks were racially motivated. Police say one suspect may have been seeking revenge for his father's death two years ago.

By Jorge Rivas Apr 09, 2012

Jake England, 19, and his 32-year-old roommate Alvin Watts were arrested Sunday in connection with a shooting spree that left three people dead, two others wounded and an entire black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma shocked.

All five victims were black. Police described the suspects as white, but a family friend said one was Cherokee, the LA Times points out.

Dannaer Fields, 49; Bobby Clark, 54; and William Allen, 31, were all shot and killed as they were walking within a few miles of one another on Tulsa’s predominantly black north side.

Police Chief Chuck Jordan said the gunmen appeared to have chosen their victims at random.