Trooper Reprimanded After Taking Photo With Snoop Dogg

By Qimmah Saafir Apr 03, 2015

In laugh-to-keep-from-crying news, Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Billy Spears was reprimanded by his superiors after taking a photo with Snoop Dogg at SXSW 2015 in Austin. 

The rapper/actor posted the shot, taken by his publicist, of him and the trooper with the caption, "Me n my deputy dogg," to his Instagram. According to the Dallas Morning News, when the DPS officials caught wind of it, Spears was cited for deficiencies that require counseling for posing with a criminal.

The counseling reprimand read: 

While working a secondary employment job, Trooper Spears took a photo with a public figure who has a well-known criminal background including numerous drug charges. The public figure posted the photo on social media and it reflects poorly on the Agency.

Snoop Dogg aka Calvin Broadus was acquitted of a 1993 murder charge, but apparently, according to the DPS, his convictions for drug possessions are enough to earn him the "known criminal" label. 

Ty Clevenger, Spears’ attorney says that Spears had no knowledge of the drug convictions.

The citation will become a permanent smudge on Spears’ personnel record and because the action taken against him was not a formal disciplinary action, an appeal is not an option. 

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