Trevor Noah Agrees With Trump, Says Election is Rigged

By Kenrya Rankin Aug 09, 2016

On August 1, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump preemptively challenged the results of the general election, telling Fox News: “I’m telling you, November 8, we’d better be careful, because that election is going to be rigged. And I hope the Republicans are watching closely or it’s going to be taken away from us.”

Last night (August 8), the host of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah agreed with Trump. But not for the reasons the the nominee might expect. He highlighted the practices of gerrymandering and using voter identification laws to prevent people of color from participating in the electoral process.

“As a news show, we had to investigate the claims, and it turns out they’re true. Donald Trump is right. We’ve uncovered evidence of election rigging throughout the system. For instance, there is something I discovered, it’s called gerrymandering,” Noah said, in a segment you can watch here. The video goes on to explain that it is the practice of redrawing congressional district maps to keep parties in power. The host went on to highlight the recent ruling that found that North Carolina Republicans enacted voter ID laws with the express purpose of keeping Black people out of the voting booth.

“I know that this systemic level of election rigging must have come as a shock to Americans, I know that,” said Noah, who is from TKTK. “Because had Americans known, surely the world’s greatest democracy would have done something about it by now.”

Watch the full video here.