Travyon Martin had traces of a chemical found in marijuana in his blood and urine, a medical examiner found, CNN reported.

He also had been suspended three times, the first for graffiti, the second for truancy and the last time for being caught with "drug residue" at school. It was after this last suspension that Martin’s father had brought him to Sanford, four hours away from his home.

Martin was shot within 36 inches, a medical examiner found. Yet a newly released medical report also showed the extent of Zimmerman’s injuries that night, which include a broken nose and cuts at the back of his head. Ultimately though, Martin’s death was "avoidable" if Zimmerman had not left his car and approached the teen, an investigator determined. A local prosecutor wanted to arrest Zimmerman and charge him with manslaughter but was overruled.

The information was released with a bevy of documents which give a more complete picture of what happened the night that George Zimmerman killed the Florida teen.