A twenty-five year old woman was found dead in a four-story Brooklyn apartment building that caught on fire early Saturday morning. Police identified the victim as Lorena Escalera.

The New York Times on the other hand identified the woman that died in the fire as "curvaceous," someone who "drew admiring glances" in her "gritty Brooklyn neighborhood," and noted she was known to invite men for visits to her apartment.

Just to make sure we’re all on the same a page, a woman was found dead and the first sentence in the New York Times story about the incident was: "She was 25 and curvaceous, and she often drew admiring glances in the gritty Brooklyn neighborhood where she was known to invite men for visits to her apartment, her neighbors and the authorities said."

The two Times writers Al Baker and Nate Schweber said Escalera was "called Lorena," as opposed to saying she was "named Lorena" or that she simply was Lorena.

The story that should have been about an apartment fire or even a suspicious fire instead turned in to the reporters interviewing neighbors about who Escalera was supposedly sleeping with and how she dressed.