Touré Makes the Case Against Calling Immigrants ‘Illegals’ on MSNBC

And he used Martha Stewart as an example.

By Jorge Rivas Mar 19, 2013

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On Monday writer and cultural critic Touré made a case to his co-anchors on NBC News’ "The Cycle" to stop labeling undocumented immigrants as "illegal immigrants."

"We don’t say treat Martha as an illegal business woman," Touré said after pointing out being in the country without proper authorization is a civil infraction and not a crime. His co-hosts conservative commentator S.E. Cupp, Salon writer Steve Kornacki and former Congressional candidate Krystal Ball all remained silent and quickly pivoted away from the i-word discussion.

Touré’s comments came in a segment about the Supreme Court hearing arguments over Arizona’s proposition 200, the 2004 measure that required proof of citizenship to vote.