Top Row, 3rd From Left: Most Adorable Obama-With-Kids-Photo Ever

President Obama takes a lot of pictures with kids. But this one might be the most adorable.

By Jorge Rivas Oct 24, 2012

President Obama takes a lot of pictures with kids. A lot of pictures.

But a picture tweeted by @barackobama yesterday might be the most adorable photo of the president with kids, ever. The president is seen hanging out with a group of children sitting on bleachers but a young boy sitting at the top "photobombed" the picture and stole the show.

Not a lot of details so far of where this picture was taken, it was only tweeted with a simple "picture of the day" caption.

>>UPDATE 10/24/12 12:00PM EST: A friend and mother of two daughters emailed me to express her concerns about this photo. "Sure, it’s an ‘innocent’ kiss but I hope someone talked to that boy about respect for other people’s bodies," she wrote in her email. And it’s true, sometimes pictures don’t tell the whole story.<<

Still, there’s something to say about Obama’s connection with children. In Nickelodeon’s 2012 "Kids Pick the President" poll 65% of the votes went to President Obama. There’s something there, just take a look at the last picture below–even Mitt Romney’s grandson has big smiles for the President.

Take a look at some amazing moments of President Obama with kids below.