Top 100 Lists Leave off Darker Black Women?

By The News Jun 13, 2007

(Singer Rihanna) What Do Straight Man Mag Maxim and Lesbian Website AfterEllen Have in Common?, asked Too Sense.

They each have only one black woman in the top ten of their top 100 hottest women lists. Both women are lightskinned. In the case of Maxim, the token beauty is R&B Chanteuse Rihanna. In the case of AfterEllen, it’s L-Word star Jennifer Beals. Of course, I’m guessing many of their readers don’t even know Jennifer Beals is black. I guess cultural standards of beauty biased against dark skin transcend sexual orientation. Senior editor of AfterEllen Scribegrrrl writes: Clearly, what straight men and lesbians find sexy in a woman is a little bit different. Sadly, "a little bit" seems fairly accurate. God Bless America. I mean it’s not like they’re not both gorgeous, but you see my point. Hat tip to the Dailykos.

Too Sense wrote this after a study this week revealed that Black students preferred light skin over dark. See here.