Today’s Love: Young Women Rule Google’s Inaugural Science Fair

Some 10,000 students entered the competition and in the end three young women take home top prizes.

By Jorge Rivas Jul 12, 2011

Three young girls took home the top prizes at Google Science Fair, the company’s first annual global science competition. More than 10,000 students from all over the world between the ages of 13 through 18 entered the competition.

Compared to men, women are far less likely to work in the physical science and mathematics fields. They’ve often not been welcomed in the field, it was only five years ago the the president of Harvard University said that men outperform women in maths and sciences because of biological differences. It’s inspiring to see these young women going for what they believe in.

Shree Bose, a 17-year-old from Texas, took home the grand prize for her work improving ovarian cancer treatment for patients who have built up a resistance to certain chemotherapy drugs.

Naomi Shah won in the 15-16 age group for her work looking at the effects of environmental pollution on asthma.

In the 13-14 age group, Lauren Hodge won for her research on how different marinades could reduce carcinogens in grilled chicken

Today’s love goes to them. For their commitment to curiosity and not stopping until they have some answers.

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