Today’s Love: Watch Little Camilo Run for Justice

Oakland's Marathon may be new, but it's producing winners. Even tiny ones.

By Thoai Lu Mar 29, 2011

What could be cuter than a three-year-old running for racial justice? This past weekend, hundreds of runners and community activists participated in the second annual Oakland Running Festival after having a successful marathon last year. Three-year-old Camilo, pictured above, was one of hundreds of kids who ran to raise money for Causa Justa: Just Cause, along with several other Bay Area-based advocacy organizations.  

If you like running, the fight for freedom, and fun challenges, you can help raise funds for a fierce grassroots organization next year. Today’s love goes out to him, not only for finishing the 100-yard run without stopping, but for raising $300 in the process. We’re ending the day as often as possible by celebrating love. We welcome your ideas for posts. Send suggestions to, and be sure to put Celebrate Love in the subject line. You can send links to videos, graphics, photos, quotes, whatever. Or just chime in to the comments below and we’ll find you. Be sure to let us know you’ve got the rights to share any media you send.

Thanks to reader Adam Gold for sending us such a great photo!

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