Today’s Love is for the Visibility Project’s Simple Beauties

A new series of portraits showcase queer Asian and Pacific Islanders.

By Hatty Lee Jan 19, 2011

Photographers Mia Nakano and Christine Pan were searching for an answer on how to break down social stereotypes of the queer Asian American community. And when they couldn’t find answers they were satisfied with, they created the Visibility Project, a portraiture series devoted to showcasing a vast array of queer API folks. The photos are simple studio portraits set up to make each participant feel comfortable and safe. But through that simplicity, the photographers are able to convey so much through the simple facial expressions these beautiful people. Participants are asked simple questions about their sexual and gender identity, and if they’re are willing, they share their stories as well.

Nakano and Pan have taken portraits in San Francisco and Los Angeles. In New York, Nakano worked with Shawn Tamaribuchi on portraits and video interviews. And below, you can see participants in all of their ordinary glory.

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