Today’s Love: Students Study at Freedom University

A clandestine operation in Athens, GA is providing undocumented college students the opportunity to study, after the Board of Regents banned them from attending any of the state's top five public universities.

By Noelle de la Paz Dec 05, 2011

A clandestine operation in Athens, GA is providing undocumented college students the opportunity to study at the college level. Freedom University offers avid young scholars college-level instruction for four hours each week. The students, who are prohibited from obtaining driver’s licenses, are driven to the undisclosed location by a team of volunteers, and taught by four area professors. 

The school was started in October, following a ban by the Board of Regents that prohibits undocumented students from attending any of the top five public universities in the state of Georgia. Professor Lorgia Garcia Peña, one of Freedom University’s co-founders, told Univision News, "As an educator, and I think I speak for the four of us, we believe that education should be available to anyone, regardless of economic background, race, sexual orientation, or immigration status."

Since then the University Council at the University of Georgia has passed a resolution which opposes the Board of Regents’ policy, but the Regents have said they do not plan to revisit the matter. In the meantime, the wait list for Freedom University keeps growing.

"It’s just a reminder of what real citizenship looks like," Professor Bethany Moreton told CNN. "It means taking ownership of making the country a better place." The aspiring young engineers, doctors and lawyers fill Freedom University’s sole classroom with a true love of learning and the determination to succeed, even when the law seems bent on holding them back.

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