Today’s Love Is in the Scott Sisters’ Drive Away From a Miss. Prison

The Scott sisters drive away from the place they were wrongfully imprisoned for seventeen years.

By Jorge Rivas Jan 07, 2011

Gladys and Jamie Scott, the two sisters who spent nearly seventeen years in prison after being convicted as teenagers of an $11 robbery, were released from prison in Pearl, Miss., at 8 a.m. this morning. 

"We’re so grateful," Jamie Scott, 38, said in a tearful news conference today in Mississippi. "I never thought this day would come," she said. "I kept the faith. I do know God will show up." Gladys Scott, 36, said she was thankful as well. "Praise God," she said. 

It takes a powerful heart to sustain half your life in prison over a trifle. Here’s to all of us finding that kind of heart, and using it to confront every such injustice.

The sisters’ life sentences were suspended by Gov. Haley Barbour on the condition that one sister donate her kidney to the other, who is sick and needs a transplant; it’s a condition the sisters themselves had suggested and a decision they’d already made. 

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