Today’s Love: Outernational’s Community-Funded Music

The Brooklyn-based band wrapped up its successful Kickstarter campaign to fund its first full-length album.

By Julianne Hing May 18, 2011

This week the Brooklyn-based band Outernational wrapped up its successful Kickstarter campaign to fund its first full-length album, and today we’re going to take this moment to celebrate the power of community to support progressive art.

Outernational was formed in the wake of anti-war and immigrant rights rallies, and for its next project, has turned its attention to Arizona. The band has already put out "Todos Somos Ilegales," an EP that was inspired by the band’s travels to Arizona to protest SB 1070. "’Todos Somos Ilegales’ is dedicated to the US/Mexico border and the humanity and rights of all immigrants worldwide," the band wrote on its Kickstarter page.

They explained the force behind their music: "These albums are being driven by a radical vision for the future: a world without borders, a new hope for young people, and a rejuvenated spirit of resistance and creation in these dark days of 2011. … We are making revolutionary culture, songs and art for a new generation of kids, bands, dreamers and trouble-makers."

So here’s to radical change, beautiful collaborations and most of all, community-supported art.

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