Today’s Love Is for NPR, Where Colored Folks Are Humans

Less Juan Williams, more stories like that of Colbert and Nathan Williams.

By Kai Wright Oct 21, 2010

Sure, we’ll chime in on Juan Williams and the tragedy of casual racism passing for news analysis. But it’s been a long week and, for now, we’d rather just point out why we love NPR. See, when NPR’s producers aren’t too busy "censuring" bigotry, they’re airing stuff like this: A moving Story Corps segment in which Colbert Williams talks to his teenage son, Nathan, about fatherhood. Williams was 16 years old when Nathan was born, and he raised the boy as a single father. Here, they reflect on what that was like. You’ll probably–not from pathos at some sad-sack tale, but from inspiration at their matter-of-fact love. Oh, wait, maybe this is the sort of thing that drives Newt Gingrich so crazy? Damn that liberal, wasting time on people like Colbert and Nathan instead inciting acts of domestic terrorism. (By the way, here’s a tip Juan: If you want to profile for terrorists, you should be looking around Fox News studios rather than airplanes.)

In any case, listen to Colbert and Nathan Williams’ story. It’s our daily love.

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