Today’s Love is for My Peeps, the Holidays and You

Because my holidays are all about the relationships I live for.

By Kai Wright Nov 24, 2010

I’m taking editor’s prerogative today, because it’s Thanksgiving and, thus, the start of a season I truly love. Yes, I hear all the political arguments about everything from whitewashing history’s crimes to the marketing blitz that drives people into debt with holiday shopping. That’s all true. But for me, this is a season that is all about loving. Our otherwise emotion-stifling, competition-obsessed culture gives way, if but once a year, to a space in which we can revel in our relationships. It doesn’t hurt that the reveling comes with mad food and wine, at least in my house.

So, today’s love is for all my amazing relationships. It’s for my mom, whom I’m about to go get from the airport. The recession has her back on a job long after she thought she’d retired, but she still took time to fly across the country to be with my New York fam this weekend. It’s for my boyfriend, whose Yield Media produced the electronic "thank you" in this post. I do love my boo. It’s for all the folks who run themselves ragged producing ColorLines every day. They make it look effortless, but they do break a sweat up in here, producing what I dare say is one of the most engaging new websites of the year. And today’s love is for you, dear reader, because you are ColorLines in the end. We’ll see you next week.

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This article has been altered since original publication.