Today’s Love Goes to Nicole Harris, El Paso’s Treadmill Dancing Queen

She glides and spins with such grace that a fellow gym-goer just had to record it. The Dancing Queen's stage: a Planet Fitness treadmill.

By Noelle de la Paz Nov 29, 2011

Before she could be tracked down and identified, the unnamed woman with the brilliant dance moves had already popped up around the web. Her stage: a Planet Fitness treadmill.

Nicole Harris of El Paso glides and spins on the treadmill with such grace that fellow gym-goer Robert Gonzales just had to record it. He asked permission from Nicole, who agreed, as long as she wouldn’t know when he was filming, otherwise she’d get nervous.

Nicole began doing her unconventional exercise routine after injuring her knee during martial arts. After hearing that walking sideways on a treadmill could help her heal, she started doing it. One day, she accidentally did a spin, and was suddenly inspired to take it to the next level, she said in an interview with KDBC’s Anthony Garcia.

"I just hope a lot of people get inspired to start living a healthier life, hitting the gym, or just working out with their families at home. I mean, I want to be an inspiration to those who have had trouble losing weight," she said.

Moving with graceful abandon amidst a room full of clunky exercise equipment, this dancing queen is putting a refreshing spin what it means to practice an active and healthy lifestyle.

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