Today’s Love: Cute Kids Dropping the I-Word

9-year-old Sam from Tucson, Arizona tells us why he's not calling anyone the i-word.

By Jorge Rivas Oct 14, 2011

For his fourth grade school community service project in Tucson, Arizona, Sam made a video encouraging everyone he knows to Drop the I-Word and stop calling people illegal.

Sam’s video, complete with diagrams, asks viewers to stop using the word "illegal" by providing  some compelling arguments. "Sometimes my dad speeds, is he an illegal?" he asks.

Sam has had to collect newspaper clippings and says, "I feel sad and bad for the people who are being are being called illegal." Most of Sam’s friends at school are Mexican-American. He attends Davis Bilingual Magnet Elementary School where every morning his class starts the day by reciting the Mayan concept/saying, En Lak Ech (You are my other me):

In Spanish: Tú eres mi otro yo. Si te daño a ti, me daño a mi mismo. Si te respeto a ti, me respeto a mi mismo.

In English: "You are my other me. If I harm you, I harm myself. If I respect you, I respect myself."

So today’s Love goes to Sam, for sharing his ideas, his courage and his love with us. 

Read more about Sam by visiting the Drop the I-Word blog.

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