Today’s Love Comes From the Soul (And Without Tax Cuts)

Marvin Gaye helps soothe the rage of today's news.

By Kai Wright Dec 07, 2010

After following the ugliness in Washington all day today, I’m happy to return to Jamilah King’s tribute to the enduring power of soul music, prompted by the drop of Cee-Lo’s latest album today. We’re bringing the day’s two story lines together in today’s love, courtesy of Marvin Gaye. As the man sang, We’ve got to find a way, to bring some lovin’ here today. We figure that watching the first black president approve tax cuts for millionaires while refusing to halt foreclosures or fight for real jobs probably has a lot of you asking, What’s going on? Marvin is with you. He says only love can conquer hate, maybe it works for economic injustice too. Sing Marvin, sing.

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