Today’s Love is for Bernie Sanders and His 4,000+ Twitter Followers

For building a moment of national community around economic justice.

By Kai Wright Dec 10, 2010

Our daily love is meant to celebrate acts of loving that can change the world, in ways big and small. We take a good deal of license with that definition, but usually avoid something like, say, an angry day-long speech on the floor of the Senate. But here’s the thing, we are universally in love with Bernie Sanders’ ongoing act of defiance today. Because through this passionate display he’s actually created (or revealed?) community around the basic principle of economic justice. So many people tried to watch at one point today that the Senate server crashed. He remains a top-trending topic on Twitter, where he’s picked up 4,000 new followers and counting today. Take that Justin Bieber. I’m just waiting for the YouTube remixes from parts of the speech (I’m looking at you Antoine Dodson lovers). 

So, for all these reasons, yeah, today’s love is for the Independent Senator from Vermont–and all the folks around the country who are hopefully gonna stand up next to him. He’s still talking here, seven hours and counting…

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