Today’s Love: Art Exhibit Celebrates Asian American Activism

There's a new art exhibit in San Francisco that looks at decades of Asian-American political struggle.

By Julianne Hing Oct 27, 2011

Asian-American-led political movements are alive and common today, but they’ve got a rich history that’s often forgotten. Folks who need to brush up on their history or just want to revel in its storied past should stop by an art exhibit opening tonight in San Francisco for a walk through decades of struggle and activism. "One Struggle, Many Fronts: Envisioning Asian American Activism," showing through November, provides a snapshot of Asian and Pacific Islander-American political movements, from their start in the 1960s through today.

Curated by Greg Morozumi, a founder of the EastSide Arts Alliance, the show pulls photographs, original posters and flyers and publications to showcase the birth of the movement in the Bay Area and its vibrant legacy. The show opens tonight at the Jazz Heritage Center in San Francisco.

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