Today’s Love: 100-Year-Old Indian Man Breaks Marathon Record

Indian-born Rauja Singh will put you to shame.

By Jamilah King Oct 20, 2011

Indian-born runner Rauja Singh can put most able-bodied people to shame. On Sunday, he became the first 100-year-old runner to complete a marathon after he finished the 42-kiometre Toronto marathon in just about eight hours (Skip ahead to the 1:42 mark in the video that’s above). The feat also makes Singh a Guinness World Record holder as the world’s oldest marathoner, according to Toronto’s CTV News.

Earlier in the week he set eight world records in the Toronto-area for running distances as short as 100 meters and as long as 5,000 meters. The best part of the story is that Singh is relatively new to running, having taken up the sport 20 years ago at the ripe age of 80. These days, he’s running about 16 kilometers each week.

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