Today, Mad Love for 8-Year-Old B-Boys

Keeping the art alive in Hawaii. CUTENESS.

By Jorge Rivas Dec 03, 2010

Meet eight-year-old B-Boy Angelo "Lil’ Demon" Baligad from Ewa Beach, Hawaii. He battles competitors twice his size, and age and literally shocks and awes everyone witnessing his moves.

Watch the video above from a dance-off in Hawaii with his elder opponent and renowned dancer Joshua ‘BBoy Milky’ Ayers from earlier on this year. And yes, Angelo schools him.

Angelo, who is Ilocano Filipino but moved to the U.S. when he was a toddler, started dancing when he was four years old. It’s safe to say that his moves are keeping the art of breakdacing alive for many generations to come. Be sure to watch the video until the very end. It’s worth it.

And that’s today love, to young people who wow us with their skills and cuteness!

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