Today! Live Chat on “ColorLines: Race and Economic Recovery”

By Channing Kennedy Feb 17, 2010

Today at 1PM EST, join us for a special live chat about our new TV special, "ColorLines: Race and Economic Recovery," which aired on LinkTV on Friday night and is now at our YouTube channel. We’ll be discussing the themes covered in the special: how the racialized stigmatization of the safety net enabled policies that keep poor people stuck; the current economic crisis’ impact on communities of color, especially on single mothers; and the promise and perils of the emerging green economy. Some of our favorite subjects! Our staff is joined by the American Prospect’s Monica Potts and CPUSA’s Libero Della Piana. Full roster and embedded video below the cut; join in the conversation anytime! Joining us today from ColorLines and the Applied Research Center: Seth Wessler, our researcher and interviewer for the Hartford segment of the show, and writer of the accompanying ColorLines article "Selling Food Stamps for Kids’ Shoes," Tammy Johnson, ColorLines’ resident vlogger, and co-producer of the show, Daisy Hernandez, editor of ColorLines Magazine, Jorge Rivas, editor of RaceWire and director of photography on the show’s LA segment, Julianne Hing, editor of RaceWire, and Juell Stewart, accomplished tweeter and ARC’s New York research intern; as well as very special guests: Monica Potts, associate editor at the American Prospect and blogger at PostBourgie, and Libero Della Piana, CPUSA‘s communications director. And I’ll be moderating — I’m Channing Kennedy, the show’s head editor. To guide the conversation, we’ll all be pressing play on the show at 1PM EST. It’s embedded below the cut if you’d like to watch along with us. Got questions? That’s why we’re here! Log in on the chat window and join the conversation at any time. After the chat, the transcript will be archived for your later browsing.