Tiny Victories: Target Makes Commercials That Don’t Make Asian Americans Cringe

By Julianne Hing Mar 15, 2010

Hey, it ain’t much, but for Asian Americans used to being sidelined, rendered invisible, or used as the punchline of comedians’ jokes, it’s certainly refreshing. I am so used to bracing myself for lame, offensive racial humor whenever I see an Asian American face on television (see: Modern Family, the television show that tests my patience with its smarmy faux-progressive race jokes). But this is the second commercial that Target’s produced with a happy, healthy, non-stereotypical portrayal of Asian American families. This mama’s delightfully neurotic, and not because she’s Asian, but because she shares the universal craziness that accompanies all mothers. My favorite commercial is still their first though. Click after the jump to see that one, too. (If you’ve got a link to a Target commercial that would, in fact, make Asian Americans cringe and thus contradict this headline, please share in the comments!)