Time to Take Action towards Humane and Sane Immigration Policies

By Terry Keleher Jan 22, 2009

On January 27, the National Network of Immigrant and Refugee Rights will be releasing an “Open Letter to President Barack Obama” to establish a new framework for addressing immigration policy. You can help by circulating it to your friends and by signing the petition According to NNIRR, “We believe we have an opportunity — indeed a mandate — to demand no less than an end to the cycle of punishment and abuse against immigrant communities: stopping raids and suspending detentions and deportations is not only a part of our agenda for immigration reform, it is a pre-requisite for a genuine, rights-based immigation policy.” The letter is well worth a read, listing many needed reforms that would go a long ways torwards advancing human rights and racial justice for the millions of immigrants who live among us. I’ve signed on. How about you?