That Time the FBI Tweeted About Martin Shkreli and the New Wu-Tang Album

By Sameer Rao Dec 18, 2015

Martin Shkreli has been having a rough go of it lately. 

After publicly trading shots with the RZA over his purchase of the Wu-Tang Clan’s latest album—he bought the only copy for nearly $2 million—the infamous CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals was arrested by the FBI yesterday (December 17). Shkreli is charged with security and wire fraud, stemming from what federal authorities describe as lies to investors about his hedge fund’s assets. 

For those wondering whether or not the feds siezed the Wu-Tang album when they raided his Manhattan apartment, fear not. After Shkreli’s arrest, the FBI’s New York branch tweeted that they did not take the one-of-a-kind album: 

So we can put that rumor to rest.  

(H/t HipHopDX, The New York Times, The Guardian