Three Interesting Facts About Communities of Color in Utah Before Republican Primary

A look at the State's emerging communities of color before the Republican Primary.

By Jorge Rivas Jun 26, 2012

Utah holds its state and presidential GOP primary today with Mitt Romney expected to win the state. The presumptive GOP presidential nominee faces Republican challengers Ron Paul and Fred Karger in Tuesday’s election. The Center for American Progress has a list of 10 important facts about immigrants and people of color in the state of Utah that display their significant economic, cultural, and electoral power. Below are three facts from the Center for American Progress’ list entitled ["The Top 10 Things You Should Know About Utah’s Demographic Changes and Immigration Politics:"]( 1. **Communities of color are driving Utah’s population growth.** The Latino share of Utah’s population grew by 90 percent from 2000 to 2010 and now comprises 3 percent of the overall population. The Asian* share of the population grew from 1.7 percent to 2 percent over the same period. 2. **Latinos are the fastest-growing group within the Mormon Church.** In Utah 58 percent of the population currently identifies as Mormon, and in the United States as a whole, Latinos now make up the fastest-growing segment within the Mormon Church. Tony Yapias, director of Proyecto Latino de Utah, also estimates that 70 percent of Latino converts in the state are undocumented. 3. **Utah is 1 of 12 states that offer in-state tuition rates to undocumented students.** [ Visit for the full list. ](