Three Detained Immigrants Die; Media Ignores Missing Persons of Color

By The News Aug 16, 2007

3 Detained Immigrants Die in a Month A 23 year old transgender AIDS patient, a pregnant woman, and a man with a history of epileptic seizures all died while waiting to be processed by Immigration. Washington Post. Immigrant Marks Anniversary After Seeking Sanctuary in a Church Elvira Arellano, in protest of her deportation that would separate her from her son, has lived in a church for 365 days and counting. Chicago Times. NYPD Report Profiles Arab Americans As Homegrown Terror Threats The NYPD released a 90 page report that stereotypically predicts a ‘tajectory of radicalization,” for Muslim citizens who frequent cabdriver hangouts and hookah bars among other benign locations. Washington Post. Race Disparity in Media Coverage of Missing Persons While the article points to class, gender and age as contributing factors that determine media interest in missing persons stories, race seems to supercede these as the leading factor that decides who gets covered in the media.