Thousands Join ‘Jena Six’; Immigration Policing Under Review

By The News Sep 20, 2007

Thousands Join ‘Jena Six in Rally for Justice With fervor many haven’t seen since the black and white images of the 1960s, thousands have gathers in Jena, LA, today to march on the date Mychal Bell was to be sentenced. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP will be leading the rally. New York Times. DC Policing Plan to Target Immigrants Costly As a NJ city decides immigration crackdown was ineffective, many are worried that Prince Williams county plans to check the immigration status of all people who have even minor traffic violations could cost about $14.2 million over five years. Washington Post. Bill to Take Money from Cities Against Racial Profiling According to state Rep. Kim Meltzer, Detroit and other Michigan cities would lose millions in state revenue if they have laws that prohibit police and other city employees from targeting people based on appearance. Detroit Free Press.