There’s an App For That: A Look at Income Demographics, Rents and the Lack of Affordable Housing in New York City

By Jorge Rivas Dec 07, 2009

The Envisioning Development Toolkit provides beautiful infographics of the not-so-beautiful lack of affordable housing in New York City. The Toolkit is a set of teaching tools designed to help experts and community folks communicate. Advocates, policy wonks (not us!), community board members, and even developers can use the tools as a centerpiece for workshops and conversations that describe and clarify problems then propose and communicate solutions. The Toolkit is visual, tactile, and interactive. Each tool translates abstract concepts and language into straightforward activities and physical objects that will hopefully engage folks who otherwise wouldn’t participate.
The Envisioning Development Toolkit is designed by CUP in collaboration with the Pratt Center for Community Development, the Fifth Avenue Committee, and other community-based organizations and policy groups across the City.