Thanksgiving Protests at California School; Immigrants’ Dangerous Silence

By Jonathan Adams Nov 26, 2008

Undocumented Have Rights, Don’t Deserve to Live in Fear The death of Marcelo Lucero uncovers the danger that many undocumented immigrants face because they feel like they do not have rights. "The silence of undocumented immigrants is the catastrophic silence of people taught by legislative harassment and relentless stereotyping to live mute and afraid." New York Times. Parents Protest Thanksgiving Costumes at California School Tensions rise as foes and backers of a longtime celebration involving kindergartners in Indian and pilgrim costumes demonstrate outside Condit Elementary. The district eliminated the costumes this year. Los Angeles Times. Black Teen’s Death Raises Issue of Mental Health Stigma "After a shocking online suicide, an expert says that fear of being stigmatized keeps young black men from getting the mental health help they need." Newsweek. Three Movements Converge After Obama’s Election Ben Jealous, president of the 100 year old NAACP, says that three movements–youth, civil rights, and human rights– came together to elect Barack Obama and reminds us that there is still far to go. Baltimore Sun.