[Adair Lion](https://www.facebook.com/adairlionmusicpage) is a Texas based rapper who [says he](http://www.reverbnation.com/adairlion) "strives to be unlike what’s perceived of Latinos by the main stream media." So far he’s definitely doing a pretty good job at separating himself from mainstream rappers with lyrics that promote equality for gays. "It doesn’t just get better, it gets awesome, homie — what I mean is I just wanna see you blossom, homie," Adair raps in his new single called "Ben" that’ll be part of his album "Michael & Me." The rapper who was born and raised in central El Paso, Texas near the border to Juarez, Mexico says the album pays homage to the late Michael Jackson. The release of "Michael & Me" will be on June 25, 2012 which marks the third anniversary of Jackson’s death.