Texas Prisons Report 1500 To ICE, and Other News

By The News May 26, 2009

Inmate Citizenship Status Screening Put to Test in Texas Texas prisons have reported roughly 1,500 inmates to ICE under the Obama Administration’s new immigration enforcement program. Costs to federal taxpayers are estimated at $200 million this year and may increase to $1.1 billion in just four years. The Houston Chronicle Many Black Women Refuse Cancer Treatments A recent study has found that only one in four Black women seek treatment for advanced breast cancer. Researchers say poverty, distrust of the medical systems and cultural differences are factors that keep Black women from going through with treatment.Kaiser Network More Calls for CA to Shut Down Youth Prison System In a time of deep cuts to social services and education, state taxpayers spend 250,000 each year for each of the 1,600 youth offenders in state custody. The San Francisco-based Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice is leading a call to shut down the state juvenile justice system and send youth offenders to county probation departments. San Jose Mercury News