Texas Limits Educational Equity Program, and Other News

By The News Jun 01, 2009

Texas Limits Educational Equity Program Despite the success of the Texas’ "10 percent" college access policy, that increased Texas’s college admission and retention rates of underrepresented students, the Texas legislature recently passed a plan which will make the "10 percent" program apply to even less incoming freshman. Inside Higher Ed. Report Shows Record Diverse Enrollment in Schools Across Nation but Achievement Gap Persists A new federal report shows that schools are becoming more diverse, due in large part to the growth of the Latino population. But, despite improvements in school diversity, a significant achievement gap between students of color and whites still persists. Washington Post. Latinos Targeted in San Francisco Kidnappings In San Francisco’s Mission District, several recent incidents of Latino kidnappings give police reason to believe that day laborers are targeted due to their likelihood of carrying cash, are often undocumented, and are less likely of reporting incidents to police for fear of being deported. SFist. Colorado Employers Increase Use of E-Verify The number of employers using the national electronic verification system to check the legal status of new hires remains a relatively small number, but in Colorado, the number of employers using the "E-Verify" system has more than doubled in the last two years. Denver Post.