Texas Group Offers Scholarships Exclusively for White Males

Let the pity party begin.

By Jamilah King Mar 02, 2011

It’s clear for anyone who’s been paying attention to America’s conservative right wing backlash that not everyone is happy about the country’s shifting demographics. But a group of white male college students in Texas have taken their antipathy to new levels by offering scholarships exclusively for white males. Recently, one of the groups member’s members took to the media in its defense.

William Lake is an MBA candidate at Texas State University in San Marcos and treasurer of the nonprofit Former Majority Association for Equality, the group that’s offering the scholarship. Lake told MSNBC on Tuesday that white men are "one group that just doesn’t have any support."

And there’s more. "We saw opportunities for just about every single demographic, as far as pausing for college goes, except for this one," Lake told Talking Points Memo. "We’re just providing one for this demographic. Why shouldn’t there be money available for these people?"

Other members of the group have mounted similar defenses. Colby Bohannan, a mass communications major and Iraq war veteran who co-founded Former Majority with a minor criminal record, told The Austin American-Statesman, "I felt excluded. If everyone else can find scholarships, why are we left out?" 

What’s probably most interesting about this story is how seriously some in the media are taking it. Bohannan pushed his case further with an interview on CNN. Of course, Fox News pointed to the latest Census data to prove Former Majority’s point. 

Both Lake and Bohannan admit to being mediocre students. Lake even went so far to tell TPM, "We don’t have enough money to solve all the world’s problems, so we thought we’d start by solving this problem."

It’s not the first time beleaguered white men have taken up this cause. In 2004, and then 2006, Republican students groups in Rhode Island and Massachusetts did the same thing.