On Tuesday ten undocumented immigrant youth were arrested in San Bernardino, Calif. after practicing non-violent civil disobedience by holding multiple "sit-ins" in front of the Department of Homeland Security building in town. The youth say their actions were driven by the steady pace of detention and deportation orders that undocumented immigrants and young people in particular are facing in Southern California. "Here in the Inland Empire area a lot of undocumented youth and people are turned over to ICE and processed because of 287g and secure communities, we are here demanding and end to these programs and policies," Maria Rodriguez, an undocumented youth from Riverside attending Pitzer College, said in a statement. The students were all released from jail by the next morning, Nico Gonzalez with the Immigrant Youth Coalition confirmed with Colorlines.com’s immigration reporter Julianne Hing. "The Immigrant Youth Coalition, like many immigrant youth activists, are employing their civil disobedience tactics to call for an end to enforcement programs like Secure Communities and 287(g) that are sweeping the community up into the country’s deportation machine," Hing said.

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