Teacher Layoffs Cut Down On Diversity, and Other News

By The News Mar 30, 2009

Project Labor Agreements May Overlook Women, People of Color President Obama’s executive order urging the use of project labor agreements with labor unions, which are largely comprised of white males, may prevent women and people of color in the construction trade from attaining jobs for large-stimulus bill projects. Kansas City Star. Huge Backlog Overwhelms Immigration Courts Immigration courts have continued to delay hearings for tens of thousands of detainees accused of entering the country illegally, many of whom having been forced to wait an entire five years before having their case reviewed. USA Today. Detainees For Minor Offenses Spark Enforcement Scrutiny Data released by the Maricopa County’s Sherriff’s Office has sparked criticism regarding the county police officers’ enforcement of immigration laws. Allegations of racial profiling and the detainment and removal of immigrants for minor offenses has stirred up a national debate examining immigration policies. Arizona Central. Teacher Layoffs Cut Down Diversity Too While the numbers of teachers of diverse ethnic backgrounds has increased, many of them face major job insecurity due to budget cuts and mass layoffs. Low-income schools in need of diversity among its teaching staff now face a severe lack of representation for its students of color. New America Media.