#TBT To When Tupac Criticized Donald Trump and Corporate Greed

By Sameer Rao Apr 21, 2016

For today’s #TBT, we bring you a recently unearthed interview featuring a hip-hop legend discussing Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump—more than two decades before his political career took off.

MTV released an unaired 1992 interview segment on Tuesday (April 19) that features Tupac Shakur referring to Trump by name.

"You wanna be like Trump? Gimme gimme gimme, push push push push, step step step, crush crush crush, that’s how it all is," Pac said in the MTV News interview, which you can watch above.

Tupac goes on to discuss economic justice for communities of color in terms that still resonate today:

If this is truly a melting pot…then we really need to be like that. And it needs to be the Black kids, and if there’s a White person who got money, then he need to help them. He need to help Black kids, Mexican kids, Korean kids, whatever. But it need to be real. …Even if you earned it, you still owe.

Man. Maybe ‘Pac was clairvoyant. Or maybe he’s still among us

(H/t The Source)