#TBT to Chris Rock Talking S**t about the Oscars…A Decade Ago

By Sameer Rao Jan 28, 2016

Chris Rock has yet to seriously weigh in on this year’s #OscarsSoWhite controversy. But the host of this year’s ceremonies had a lot to say to David Letterman after he hosted the 2005 ceremony. 

Rock’s previous hosting gig was widely critiqued for being too edgy and inappropriate, but all he really did was lampoon Hollywood’s issues with empowerment and representation, which still exist today. In one pre-taped bit, he went to a movie theater in Harlem and asked audiences if they had seen any of that ceremony’s Best Picture nominees (spoiler alert: they didn’t). 

He then went on "Late Show with David Letterman" to talk about, among other things, the reaction to his hosting and the inherent silliness of the Academy Awards (which he starts talking about at the 0:50 mark). Here are a few of the best bits: 

"These actor types man, who the hell do they think they are?"

"Martin Scorsese does not have an Oscar, but Kevin Costner’s got two! What’s that mean?" 

"Ben Affleck got a Oscar, and Morgan Freeman got a Oscar—are they equal?"


But here was the kicker:

Dave: "Now would you do it again? Would you host the thing?"

Rock: "Uh…yeah, if there’s a lot of Black people on it, I’ll do it again."



Let’s just hope that the Academy lets the comedian do what he does—take down Hollywood for its inability to recognize creators and performers of color. 

(H/t Mashable