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People keep asking who Colorlines readers are. You tell us! We'll be able to build our community with real information, and you'll get a free gift from comedian Kamau Bell.

By Kai Wright Jun 16, 2011

People are always asking me: Who are Colorlines.com’s readers. I’ve got a few pat answers to that, but honestly, we don’t know. And that’s a bad thing. How can we build a community and not even know who’s in it? So, dear reader, I beg your help. Tell us who you are.

Please, please take our 5-7 minute reader survey

The information we’ll collect is anonymous, and won’t be linked to individuals. We just want to know what our community looks like, what kinds of things you’re looking for online and how you might be interested in participating in and supporting the broader work of our publisher, the Applied Research Center.

And one of our favorite people, comedian W. Kamau Bell, has offered to give you a free gift as a reward for chiming in. At the end of the survey, you’ll be able to download his award-winning album, "Face Full of Flour." Margaret Cho called him "the most important guy doing comedy right now." That’s high praise.

So do it now: Click here, tell us about yourself, and help Colorlines.com keep improving and growing.