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By Colorlines Staff Mar 20, 2008


18 Who gains from the green economy?

Making sure the "green wave" doesn’t leave out communities of color


25 Wind Power

An energy source that could fuel the future of reservations

29 Toxic Policies

Activists battle pesticides in communities of color.

33 Reclaiming Radio

Alternative radio projects attempt to take back the public sphere.

37 Ground zero for immigration?

Latinos are fleeing Arizona as crackdowns increase in the border state.

40 The legacy of a murder

Racial killings from the civil rights era still haunt families and the country.


44 Spotlight: Zili Misik

Music from the African Diaspora

45 Where Islam Meets Rock ‘n’ Roll

Salman Ahmad introduced the world to Sufi rock and now to the culture behind the music.

48 Fiction: Bender’s Bow

By Sheree Renée Thomas


54 Books

The conflicts of gentrification captured in a novel, the state of Blacks in Chicago and Philadelphia and the failings of U.S. drug laws and informant policies.

58 Race Records

Before Black Ivory made their name with disco and funk hits, they sang sweet, "sweet soul."


3 Contributors

4 Letters

5 In Focus

6 News

8 Gulf Coast Update

9 Check The ColorLine

10 Rants & Raves

14 Blog Bits

12 Q&A

Environmental justice activist Vivian Chang talks about green economies and the battle against Chevron.

15 To The Point

Organizer Robby Rodriguez demands the mainstream green movement adopt an inclusive agenda.

60 Off Color

A humorous look at trying to live a green